When you invest in a bell tent, you’re investing in a journey of love and adventure! ❤️

It’s really important to care for your bell tent just as you would a new car… show it some love and it will take you miles!

Have a practice run of setting up your bell tent at home in the garden if you have the space, before it’s first use. This is a great opportunity to understand how to pitch it before you get to the campsite, and to ‘activate’ the canvas waterproofing. If your bell tent has been pretreated with waterproofing, getting the canvas wet the first time enables the fibres to expand as they dry, to ‘seal’ the canvas.

Don’t be alarmed if you see a very small amount of water inside your tent when you do this. It’ll be the first and last time, and once the canvas is dry your bell tent will be fully waterproof.

If your tent gets dirt on it (which inevitably it will eventually!) don’t try and remove any wet dirt. Wait until it’s completely dry to remove it by brushing over with a firm brush. Tougher stains can be removed with a canvas cleaning product, though you may need to re-waterproof the specific area with a canvas waterproofing product afterwards.

It helps to place a tarp underneath your groundsheet to help to avoid marks and stains, and to reduce the ground moisture on the underside of the tent when you pack away. Use an old towel to dry off any moisture from the groundsheet before packing your bell tent away.