One of the many great things about owning a bell tent is that it literally is a blank canvas to have some styling fun with, whilst away from home, or even in your own backyard!

Here we share our tips and tricks to add those extra stylish elements to your bell tent to create a space you’ll never want to leave!

Floor coverings

Recycled polypropylene mats are available in a range of neutral and bright colours, and in various sizes to suit any bell tent. They’re easy to transport, lightweight and really easy to clean.
Add a jute rug or hide rug to soften the look, and to provide additional comfort under foot.
Keep a smaller outdoor mat outside the door to leave footwear on.

Bed Linen

No glamping trip is complete without gorgeous bed linen you just want to dive into!

Choose your linen shades to compliment your floor coverings, or vice versa, or keep everything neutral and bring out some colour with cushions, throws and ottomans.


When you’re off grid or prefer not to use power, we recommend rechargeable camping lanterns with a warm light. These will give off a lovely glow in your bell tent and provide enough light for several nights of use when fully charged. Take the plug-in car charger just in case though!

To be on the safe side, avoid burning candles in your bell tent. Accidents happen! Use LED candles or tealights instead.

Place inground solar lights (available at Bunnings from $2 each) where you’re guy rope pegs are placed. This helps to prevent trip hazards in the dark, and stabbing toes on pegs! The solar lights give off a lovely glow around the outside of your tent at night, and can be toe-savers!

No bell tent is complete without a string of fairy lights around the entrance! ✨

Buy either battery or solar powered fairy lights and string them around the doorway, inside and out! You can add extra sets of fairylights around the inside and outside perimeter of the tent, and even around the centre pole. There are never any limits on fairy lights!


Stackable side tables inside your tent are easy to transport, or else use crates with a lightweight throw over the top.

Cubes for storage to keep everything tidy and organised inside your tent.

If you use an air bed, spend a little extra on a premium brand to ensure a comfy nights sleep. Or if you’re happy being close to the floor, use a self-inflating mattress (SIM). The SIM will give you better insulation, however if you have trouble sitting or standing from floor level, we recommend the double-height airbeds, and add a wool mattress topper for an extra layer of comfort and unbeatable insulation in cooler months.

The Finishing Touches

A macrame hanging or a dream catcher hung from the hook on the centre pole adds a soft and stylish finishing touch to your home away from home.

For more homely touches go all out and bring some milk bottle vases and add a posey of wild flowers! For more glamping style inspiration head to our Instagram gallery and stories or share your bell tent style with us on Insta @stylish_camping_co.