One of the many reasons why bell tents are so appealing compared to many other tents is their versatility.  When you think of a tent, you think of camping, obviously! But a bell tent has so many more uses for so many more occasions other than camping trips!  You don’t event have to pack it into the car to get mileage from your bell tent!  

Firstly, they are a great alternative to accommodating guests at your home, particularly in the warmer months.  A bell tent pitched in the garden gives your guests their own space and privacy, so they’re not getting under your feet, particularly if your inside space is limited.  

Because of the vast head room in a bell tent, they are incredibly spacious.  There’s plenty of floor space for all your guests belongings, and they’re still only a hop, skip and a jump from the bathroom!  There’s no need for booking a local B&B, or to drive anywhere after dinner (and possibly a couple of glasses of wine too many).  Your guests will look forward to escaping to their glamping haven in the garden, and won’t have to worry about waking anyone up!

If you’re the creative type, and you like beavering away at your craft in a separate space from the house, your bell tent can be set up in the garden with all your crafty tools and inspiration, to help you concentrate and focus in peace, away from distractions.

Whilst we’re on the subject of concentration, focus and peace, they also make a great space for meditating, particularly with the walls rolled up or the windows unzipped on a warm day. You’ll definitely discover your inner ‘om’ in a bell tent. With the shadows of the trees forming natural silhouettes on the warm beige canvas, you can feel closer to the natural surroundings, whilst in your own personal retreat.

Bell tents are also hugely popular for yoga and wellness retreats, both as accommodation and workshop spaces. If you organise retreats on properties with lots of flat land, you can easily increase the capacity of your retreats, with bell tents for your guests to stay in, and used as workshop/massage/meditations spaces.

And for conversely the opposite, if you’ve got children, a bell tent is a great space for birthday parties! Style it with balloons, bunting, fairy lights, and some mats and cushions on the floor, and keep the children out of the house and entertained under cover outside! For the slightly older children a backyard birthday glamp-out with friends is always a winner!

The surge in the popularity of ‘glamping’ over recent years has created a huge demand within the event hire and tourism industries, with the demand greater than ever in every pocket of Australia. ‘Pop up’ or mobile bell tent villages are making glamping dreams come true at weddings, birthday parties, family reunions, and (in pre-COVID times) at music festivals. How we miss music festivals 🙁

There are so many occasions in which to share the bell tent love! Whether you take yours away on road trip adventures, or pitch it at home in the garden, investing in a bell tent is a decision you’ll never regret for all the many uses you’ll be able find for it!